Safe Passing and the Vulnerable Road User

Safe Passing and the Vulnerable Road User

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Safe Passing.  Shawnee Trail Cycling Club's mission involves promoting efforts to educate and inform cyclists in all aspects of cycling safety.   Along that line, we have created these pages to provide information to cyclists everywhere regarding safe passing efforts, those in place and others in various stages of proposal.  Across the country, states have been developing and implementing laws that are intended to make cycling safer on our roads.

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Countries with Active Safe Passing Efforts


The focus in the United States has been on establishing laws that govern what constitutes "safe passing", when a motor vehicle must pass a bicycle or other vulnerable road user.  The states have each approached this issue in a different manner, most amending existing traffic code to include verbage related to a "safe passing distance" and some that actually define that distance.


Latest Updates

July 1st, 2013 Daphne, AL council approves Safe Passing Ordinance!

May 2013, Texas Safe Passing Bill makes calendar, but runs out of time

March 2013, Unprotected Road Users Act introduced into Texas House and Senate

Dec 12th, 2012, Dallas Texas approves Vulnerable Road Users Ordinance

Sep 28th, 2012 California Governor does not sign SB1464

Sep 12th, 2012 Fort Wayne, IN City Council approves Safe Passing Ordinance

The most common separation required between a motor vehicle and bicycle is 3 ft, although some states require more.  Pennsylvania's recent law uses 4 ft and New Hampshire requires an additional 1 ft for each 10 mph over a speed of 30 mph.  Dallas, Tx has taken a unique approach in that there is no distance specified for a car passing a bicycle, but the car must vacate the lane.  In any event, most states that don't have a current safe passing law on the books have ongoing initiatives to pass one through their respective legislatures.  We've accumulated a list of states and their current status.  Follow the links, where available for more information.  Visit our site often as we document more efforts across the state to make the roads a little safer for all.  As always, if you find an error or omission, let us know

  State Year   Car Truck Non-cyclists Bill
  Alabama Cities
  Arizona 2000   A Safe Distance A Safe Distance HB2625
  Arkansas 2007   3 ft 3 ft ACT681/HB2511
  Colorado 2009   3 ft 3 ft SB148
  Connecticut 2008   3 ft 3 ft PA 08-101
  Delaware 2011   3 ft 3 ft SB38
  Washington DC
  Florida 2006   3 ft 3 ft HB7079
  Georgia 2011   3 ft 3 ft HB180
  Idaho Cities
  Illinois 2007   3 ft 3 ft SB0080
  Indiana                                                                                          Cities
  Kansas 2011   3 ft 3 ft HB2192
  Louisianna 2009   3 ft 3 ft HB725
  Maine 2007   3 ft 3 ft Y
  Maryland 2010   3 ft 3 ft Y
  Michigan 1949   A Safe Distance A Safe Distance Section 257.636
  Minnesota 2004   3 ft 3 ft Y Bill Text
  Mississippi 2010   3 ft 3 ft
  Missouri 2005   A Safe Distance A Safe Distance
  Nebraska 2012   3 ft 3 ft Y LB1030
  Nevada 2011   3 ft 3 ft Y SB248
  New Hampshire 2009   3 ft 3 ft 265-143-a
  New Jersey
  New Mexico
  New York 2010   A Safe Distance A Safe Distance
  North Carolina
  North Dakota
  Ohio Cities
  Oklahoma 2006   3 ft 3 ft HB2926
  Oregon 2007   A Safe Distance A Safe Distance
  Pennsylvania 2012   4 ft 4 ft HB170
  Puerto Rico
  Rhode Island 2002   A Safe Distance A Safe Distance 31-15-4
  South Carolina 2008   A Safe Distance A Safe Distance 56-5-1840
  South Dakota
  Tennessee 2007   3 ft 3 ft HB235
  Texas 1 Cities
  Utah 2005   3 ft 3 ft 41-6a-706.5
  Virginia 2004   2 ft 2 ft 46.2-839
  Washington Proposed
  West Virginia
  Wisconsin 1973

 * Utah wording:  An operator of a motor vehicle may not knowingly, intentionally, or recklessly operate a motor vehicle within three feet of a moving bicycle, unless the operator of the motor vehicle operates the motor vehicle within a reasonable and safe distance of the bicycle. 

We'll update this table with information and links as we get them.  If you have more current updates, let us know.


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