Our Rides

Our Rides


Shawnee Trail Cycling Club offers several scheduled rides for your cycling pleasure.  We offer distances and paces for various skill levels and experience.  Also, as you expect from a very active cycling membership, there's the occasional adhoc road ride, mountain bike ride and training rides at the SuperDrome (involves additional cost) that you may want to jump in on.

STCC Free Group Riding Class - held monthly!

Below, we've included a summary list of our club supported rides and a few links to information you may find helpful, especially if you're just getting into the fantastic experience of Group Riding.  Remember that some of our rides accomodate more than one pace/distance.  For more detailed information on each ride, just click on the ride name below.


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STCC Group Ride Summary
Ride Day Time Frequency Distance Ride Rating
----- --- -:---- ------ -- -,-
Sun Recovery Sun 8:00am Weekly 40 3,AB
Hangover Sun 8:00am Weekly 35 3C 
T-Rec Sun 8:00am Weekly 35 3D 
FIT Sun 06:00pm Weekly 30 3,BC1
-----  --- -:---- ------ -- -,--
----- --- -:---- ------ -- -,--
Cranky Tuesday Tue  6:30pm Weekly  35/33/30/27 2,StampedeABC1
Wed Night Special Wed 6:30pm Weekly 30 4,BC1
Thu Night Rider Thu 6:30pm Weekly 35/33/30/27/20 2,StampedeABCD1
Express Sat 8:00am Weekly 60+/50+ 4A,4B 
CPS Sat 8:00am Weekly 40-45 3,BC1
Five 0 Sat 8:00am Weekly 50-60 3C
Bridge Sat 8:00 am Weekly 30 3D
3 Cities Novice Sat 8:00am Weekly 17-20 2,Novice
Adhoc Road          
Adhoc MTB          
STCC at the Track  Tue  6:00pm weekly  var  

Group Ride Orientation

Sun 2:00pm monthly 7mi + class 2,Novice
Wimps and Weenies     Wa! Whenever var Blah,Trainer


1 This ride offers multiple pace groups. Check the ride ratings of this ride for details..

 indicates that this is a night time ride,with headlights and taillights required.

How often do we cancel rides?  We think its important for our scheduled rides to go out, so its rare, with only weather affecting whether we roll or not.  And there are some of us that are diehards and roll with everything EXCEPT lightning and ice.  Here's how our rides stack up this year so far!



Information Links for All

Ride Start Locations

Event Rides
Information and Reference
Local Rides and Routes
Road Conditions and Hazards

The Group Ride Doesn't End in the Parking Lot

Information Links for our Members

Information and Reference

Ride Leaders Only

STCC Ride Leaders


Helpful Information for your Ride
STCC Group Ride Etiquette (members only)
Group Riding: The Rotating Paceline  (members only)
 STCC Ride Ratings
 Will we ride today?
Shawnee Trail Rides and Construction 
Yellow Zones
Club Waiver Policy
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Larry said on 2.14.2015 at 8:41 AM

Hi, are tri-bikes (aero bars) permitted on your group rides?


sooner1 said on 2.14.2015 at 3:32 PM

Tri Bikes are permitted, but ride participants are NEVER allowed to get down into the aerobars. Too dangerous in a group.

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