Thursday Night Rider

Thursday Night Rider

The Thursday Night Rider was started 2006 and has evolved into one of the most popular, year round weekday rides in the area.  We've grown from the small group of avid cyclists that wanted desperately to avoid the "winter trainer" to the five, yes FIVE, pace groups today.  Our groups support cyclists from those that can maintain a 15mph average to the more technical and much higher paced Stampede group (20-22mph), all the while making every effort to keep these groups enjoyable and safe.  Come give us a try and, maybe come for eats and drinks afterwards.

We now support FIVE pace groups!

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Wheels Down [Visit our Ride Summary Page for Start Times]
Start Location FC Dallas Parking Lot [click here]

Distance & Maps:

Pace Group Distance GO1 Yellow2 Ride Leader(s)


35 miles 4 1

Keith Whitehouse


(A) 33miles 4 1

Bill Woodard


(B) 31 miles 4 1

 Joel Hoback

(C) 27 miles 4 0  Rotating
(D)  20 miles 3 0

Anne Bartholet, Amy Puckett


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