Shawnee Trail Rides and Construction

Shawnee Trail  Rides and Construction

One constant we know of life is that nothing is constant and change will happen.  Nowhere is that more true than on bike routes.  We've been fortunate that our rides have had only minimal impact over the past 5 years, but that now seems to be changing across the board.  Once the construction is done, we'll find life back at ease with some of the best riding opportunities in the region.  In the meantime, we'll go with the flow, watch the construction schedules and do everything we can, including working with the local governments, to keep our rides safe and fun - one without the other is not acceptable to this club.

Any comments would be appreciated.  We have put together some notes on how construction is affecting our weekly rides supported by the clubs.  Additionally, the map provided is intended to give you an idea of most construction projects - wherever you may take your two wheels.  Hope this helps make your day on the bike a better one - Please, Just Ride Your Bike!

Reported Road Hazards on Local Cycling Routes
Ride/Location Description Start Finish
Sunday Recovery   
  Coit Rd from US380 to First St, Prosper.  Widening from 2 to 4 lanes Apr, 2012  Sep 2012
   Coit Rd from US380 to First St, Prosper.  Widening from 2 to 4 lanes  Apr, 2012   Sep 2012
True Recovery  
   Coit Rd from US380 to First St, Prosper.  Widening from 2 to 4 lanes  Apr, 2012   Sep 2012
Hill Climber No hazards identified  
Wednesday Night Special No hazards identified  
Night Rider No hazards identified
3 Cities Novice No hazards identified
CPS No hazards identified
Express No hazards identified
RBM Frisco Sat No hazards identified  



These construction efforts should improve conditions and rides should be safer when these projects are completed.  We’ve listed the projects to give you an idea of what’s coming and where – even give you the “when” if it’s available. New to this map are hazard areas of specific concern to cyclists, including cracks and other disrepair of the roads.  These are indicated on the map by a flame.


Visit this page often as we will update it as information rolls in from our various sources. 

Safe Cycling!

View STCC Road Construction in a larger map

 Interested in the project documents from TXDOT?  Visit



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